Saturday, July 24, 2010

Evil Women Movies - No More Blood

The new video from Evil Women Movies is pretty good. Still no multi-vamp bites like I prefer, but still some pretty good bites. Here's the trailer:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Evil Women Movies - The Prisoners

A new video is out from Evil Women Movies. They still aren't doing enough of the multi-vamp bites that I like, but this video isn't too bad. The vamp is pretty hot, and she has some pretty good bites. Check out the preview:

Sorry for the absence!

I stopped making updates to the blog a few months ago because it seemed like no one was watching. Then I stopped by today and saw that I had a few followers, and Google Analytics is showing that I'm getting quite a few visits every day! Guess there are more guys looking for hot female vamp action than I thought. ;)

Sorry for not keeping it updated. I'll definitely get back in the groove. Look for regular updates now that I'm getting traffic.