Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Addiction

There is a great little-known vampire movie from 1995 called "The Addiction." It's a bit unconventional, but most of the good vampire elements are there, with the exception of fangs. Still, even without the fangs, the female vamps are pretty hot. And best of all, they are ruthless and unmerciful. They basically view humans as nothing but food and playthings. That's the good kind of vampire. Not this Twilight nonsense with sparkly, caring vampires. :)

Anyway, there are numerous good bites throughout the film, but the best thing is the ultimate culmination of the main character's transition to the world of vampirism, with her and her vampire friends slaughtering an entire room full of people. Multiple vamps, lots of blood, helpless victims, it's just great. :) Unfortunately the only version available online isn't in English, but you can still watch the bites, and you may want to order a DVD. Here's the entire film on YouTube, subtitled:

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