Saturday, December 26, 2009

Evil Women Movies

I'm sure most of you already know of this site, but it may be new to some of you. Evil Women Movies is a great site created by DYL Communications, which is a company that also does online videos for female super-heroes. You can get to the site vampire clips site at:

They've been putting up videos since about 2006, so there's a bunch of them there. Of course, there is a small fee to see the full clips ($24.95), but that fee let's you download every single clip on the site. If you don't have any spare cash, you can watch some of the previews, and some of them have good bites (although they usually only show a few seconds in the preview). As new videos come out on their site, I'll review them, and I'll also go back and review some of my favorites that have already been released.

I definitely support the site, and I hope all of you do as well. The more viewers they get, I'm sure they'll be able to make more and more movies for our enjoyment.

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